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“Sports Champions Don’t Succeed Without Their Specialist Coaches, Trainers And Coaches…Why Should Small Business Owners?”

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Fitness development is scientific whether it is applied to a specific muscle group; your cardio-vascular endurance or the strength of your small business.  Any individual can be made fitter by applying the “science” in a systematic way – the same applies to any business!  Business Fitness Solutions works with small business owners to develop their efficiency; increase focus; and improve their business performance in line with their declared plans.

Business Fitness Solutions brings a different thought process to business growth – be prepared to be challenged!  It will be worth it!!


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One to one or one to small group coaching on topics that have been identified in your “Business Fitness Roadmap”.  Coaching is organised around two main programmes – “Business Basics” and “Business Breakthrough”.  The “Business Basics” programme operates on a 3 month programme and it will ensure that all of your fundamentals are in place.  The “Business Breakthrough” programme follows on from the fundamentals and targets your key areas for development.

Technique Workshops

A workshop programme is offered on an “in-company” basis to cover fundametals that apply to all business employees and/or associates.  In addition an “open” programme operates where you can join a one-off or series of sessions with other business owners.  Workshops are organised on a single topic series or a 6 module programme for those that wish to cover a more systematic approach to business refinement.


Business Fitness Solutions specialists are available to undertake specific pieces of work that will resolve problems; produce a piece of market research; or develop a business plan or strategy as part of your forward plan.

Other Services We Provide

Cost Review And Reduction

Concerned about your costs or just require an audit of your expenditure in one or more areas?  We can undetake a review and benchmark against other businesses in your sector.

Training And Development

Delivery of an in-house programme or a single topic is a very straight forward proposition.  We supply the training together with comprehensive notes and refreshers, where necessary.

Media Services

Our sister company Smallbizmedia can provide media of a range of types including film, music, web-site design, graphic design and mobile apps.  These services are delivered on an extremely cost beneficial basis which will allow you to deliver a series of media programmes as part of your marketing rather than just a one off.

Outsourcing Bureau

Business Fitness Solutions is a one-stop shop for any business support services whether it is a virtual assistant, an accountant, a payroll service or some clerical/admin assistance.  This can be delivered on a long-term contract or as a one off for sickness absence or holiday cover.  We will ensure that you continue to operate during any time of business stress.  There is no need to be handicapped by resource issues – let us take the strain.

We Provide A “One Stop” Business Support For Clients – Immediate Short Term Or Longer Requirement!


Review or support – no need to be left short!


How good are your systems?  Efficiency and effectiveness is the key to ensuring that you spend no more than you need to and that you have a clear focus on doing the RIGHT things and doing things RIGHT!

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard!

Ensuring that your marketing voice is heard in a crowded market place!

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